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Adjustable Beds

$449.00 Regular price $749.00
SizeTwin XL

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Adjustable Beds

$449.00 Regular price $749.00

Know Your Bed

Quad-Adjust Comfort
Lightweight Modern Design
Smart Remote Control
Bedside Charging

Experience Unparalleled Comfort.

Limitless Relaxation
We understand that your bed is more than just a place to sleep; it's the center of your relaxation, the stage for late-night movie marathons, and the sanctuary for a peaceful night's rest. With our Smart Adjustable Base, we're putting the power of customization right in your hands, so you can make the most of every moment you spend in bed.
<span>Limitless</span> Relaxation
Wireless Remote Control
No more struggling with cumbersome buttons or wires; instead, just a simple, user-friendly remote that effortlessly adjusts your bed to your desired position
<span>Wireless</span> Remote Control
Noise-Free Motors
High-quality, quiet motor systems that allow for seamless and discreet adjustments without disrupting sleep.
<span>Noise-Free</span> Motors

Raise your head, feet, or both for sustained bedtime relaxation

Compatible With All Mattresses

Memory Foam

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